Apple TV 4 Release Date

In the past few months a series of rumors were issued on the potential release of a new generation of Apple TV. However, these rumors have not been confirmed yet, so no one can say when the Apple TV 4 release date will be. It has been claimed that Apple will make this announcement at the event the company has scheduled for October. Some rumors indicate that Apple also plans to hold an event in November, so maybe this will be the moment when the release date will be made public. 

Until now, Apple made no official statements to declare its intention to release Apple TV 4. Still, this did not stop rumors, which actually went further to indicate that the new TV will in fact be available in sale starting with the end of 2014. However, this is not the first time this year when it is claimed that Apple will release Apple TV 4. In September, rumors indicated that the fourth generation will be presented to the audience. However, rumors were false, as Apple revealed nothing last month. 

Still, many analysts say that even though Apple is not willing to admit it yet, they are working at a new version of Apple TV. The launch could be made public in October or November, while the product could be out next year. No matter when Apple will make these choices public, the product is believed to be in tests. No leaks and no evidence to back up these opinions have been made public yet, as Apple is keeping a complete secret on their future development plans. 

Apple TV 3 has already received some updates, but this time the company is thought to be working at a new Apple TV hardware product. Moreover, it is considered that Apple plans on releasing a branded television set. What are the exact plans that Apple has no one can tell for sure. However, what is certain is the fact that Apple has not officially announced any plans to release Apple 4 in the near future. Consequently, there is no Apple 4 release date established by the famous company. What Apple will decide after all is something we will find out in the following months, or maybe even sooner.

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