Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Plex

The third-generation Apple TV has been well received by customers so far. It features content from NBA and NHL, Netflix, You Tube and HBO GO, making the whole user experience better. However, the popularity of this device seems to have been overpass by the popularity of Apple TV 2. The reason why this occurred is actually linked to the fact that there is still no 100 percent functional jailbreak possibility for Apple TV third-generation. A jailbroken Apple TV will allow all kind of apps to run on the device, apps which are not accepted by Apple normally, making the TV even more functional. 

Well, Apple TV 3 needs to be more functional compared to other versions, otherwise customers will turn to the use of versions that will offer them the possibility to jailbreak. There is no wonder after all that earlier this year the Plex media server, which can run on Apple TV with no need to jailbreak, was released. The Plex media server was usable until that moment only when the device was jailbroken. The hack has become well known as PlexConnect. 

Well, PlexConnect will give users access to Plex media, with no jailbreak required. Maybe this will lead to an increase in the popularity of Apple TV 3. Once you install the program, you can use Plex on your Apple TV easily, like on any other device. The whole process takes only about 2 minutes. Plex is a media player that will allow users the possibility to manage and playback their media files. It consists of both a desktop app and a server. Thousands of people have used PlexConnect hack since the moment of its release, but Apple could not let things go so easily. 

This is why in August, Apple issued a response which broke PlexConnect with several updates. Even though initially it succeeded in this purpose, PlexConnect was updated, too, to become once again usable. This means that PlecConnect was updated to work, for users to be able to still continue accessing it. However, most Apple 3 owners still wait for possibilities to jailbreak Apple TV 3. Until this will become a reality, sales for Apple 2 continue to rise, as this version is jailbreakable.

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