New Apple TV to be released in 2015?

2014 has surely been a very busy year for Apple. The tech giant has launched a new product, the Apple Watch, it updated the iPad lineup and it actually released two new iPhones. Without a doubt, the release of these two new iPhones has been the most important launch for Apple in years. For the first time, Apple decided to launch an iPhone with a much bigger display than its previous generations. It seems that the famous tech company wanted to make a change and they could have not made a better decision.

 The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are a huge success on numerous markets. The demand for these devices has been so amazing that it actually managed to set some new sales records for Apple. Well, if 2014 has been such a busy and great year for Apple, what plans the famous company on releasing this year?

Numerous Apple TV fans hope that this time the tech giant will focus its efforts on the release of the 4th generation device on this lineup.

Apple TV is no longer a hobby

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, has already fueled rumors on Apple's intention to invest more in its
Apple TV, claiming that this device is no longer seen as a hobby by the tech giant. Now, new rumors indicate that the release of the new Apple TV will definitely take place in 2015.

Apple has last updated its Apple TV back in January 2013. Consequently, there is no wonder that everyone is anxious to see an update to this device soon. Back in July 2014, rumors emerged indicating that Apple has started working at the new device, but its release has been postponed due to the negotiations with some cable companies. According to these rumors, this is the reason why Apple did not make the release in 2014. Moreover, rumors revealed that Apple still is in negotiations with Comcast/Time Warner, for the release.

Well, some analysts seem to think that not only these negotiations have made the company wait for longer until the release of its new product. In fact, analyst Dan Miller thinks that there is no coincidence in the fact that Apple has waited so long. According to him, the company is waiting for the role of its TV in the home to de defined.

"The whole battle for rights and the role of the TV and the connected home and that sort of thing is still being defined.  What goes on in the home is going to be content-driven. There's no need to upgrade the hardware at this point unless things sort out," Miller said. However, opinions are shared. Other analysts seem to believe that the lack of interest for the Apple TV actually comes from the fact that it does not represent a big enough deal for the company. And since the company has failed to invest in this device sooner, some believe that it never will. So, there are also analysts who seem to believe that what Apple will do is just to roll out another update to the Apple TV software.

Some of the most recent opinions shared by analysts seem to support the possibility that the company might upgrade the Apple TV to make it a smart home hub. One rumor indicates that Apple will offer Facebook and Twitter access to the Apple TV. Another rumor reveals that the company plans on adding gaming to the device. Well, all these are just rumors, so everything remains uncertain when it comes to the Apple TV and the future plans of the company.

Of course, there are great possibilities for Apple to release an update to the Apple TV this year, but there is always the option to be just a simple software update which will bring a little bit more functionality and not the impressive release that everyone expects to see.

Apple has revealed that until now it sold no less than 20 million devices. However, there are many other competitors on the market, which have managed to do a better job than Apple. Some of these products
offer better services to customers, too. While the future of the Apple TV remains uncertain, the company might surprise its customers, so it is yet to see what Apple's plans are.

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