Apple TV Rumors: What to expect in 2014

For months it has been rumored that Apple is working to release a new update to its Apple TV. Actually, ever since the release of Apple TV 3, it has been claimed that the famous manufacturer has something more in its plans.

There are two main opinions on the future of Apple TV. Some seem to believe that Apple will only add more functionality to the device, while others seem to be quite certain that the company is actually working to release a full television set. Naturally, it remains unclear what Apple has in plans, as the company once again chose to reveal nothing about its intentions.

However, while Steve Jobs has always described the Apple TV has a hobby device, it seems that Tim Cook claimed that television remains an area of intense interest for Apple.

Still, it is believed that if Apple will release a new product in its TV lineup, probably this will be just a new set top box, which naturally will come with improved features. It is expected for the company to make such a release in 2014, having under consideration that the previous generation Apple TV dates back to 2012.

Sources revealed that Apple is in talks with Time Warner, the famous cable provider, which may sign a deal with the company to provide more improvements in content. Analysts claim that improving features and providing more to its clients actually is an important step that Apple has to take before the company can make the much expected release in the television industry.

Some analysts seem to be sure that Apple TV is the product with the biggest potential when it comes to development in 2014. So, the truth is that even though this device is often called a hobby, it actually is a decent set-top box which has managed to achieve quite a good performance on the market. This means that while numerous clients are interested in this device, many owners are extremely happy with the performance they obtain when using it.

If what 2014 will bring for the Apple TV remains uncertain, we should definitely expect to see something new from Apple.