Plex on Apple TV without Jailbreaking Is Still an Option for Apple TV Owners

Owners of Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 have the possibility to use advanced devices that offer an amazing usability. However, all Apple devices are limited when it comes to features. This means that Apple has some limitations on the system a device contains, so users can only access certain apps that are allowed by Apple to be used on their devices. In this context, there is no wonder that jailbreaking occurred. Jailbreaking means using a program that will modify the Apple system, but only to make apps compatible with it.

Jailbreaking is currently available for Apple TV 2, but people owning an Apple TV 3 received great news this summer, too. A few months ago, PlexConnect released a new hack that could be used by all Apple clients with the purpose to make Plex functional on their device. Plex is not normally accessible to Apple TV owners, who have to jailbreak their device in other to install this program. Well, PlexConnect was a popular hack that allowed clients to access the media server software with no need to jailbreak first. Naturally, Apple released its own update soon after the launch of PlexConnect, to battle it. PlexConnect received some updates, too, so it may still run effectively on your device.

A future Apple TV update could disable once again PlexConnect, but the hack will probably find a way to beat Apple’s security. However, Apple TV 2 owners also have the option of jailbreaking their device. While some clients consider jailbreaking great, others still wonder if this would be the right choice.

Pros and cons to jailbreaking

Jailbreaking can bring many benefits to Apple TV owners. Through this process people who have such a device will be able to customize it in order to make it perfect for them. Moreover, jailbreaking opens unlimited access to all type of apps that any Apple TV owner can use. Apps can enhance the functionality of this device.

On the other hand, some people worry about the risks that jailbreaking might bring. The main risk is that in case you have a warranty on your device, jailbreaking will make it void. Opening your device to certain apps might make it more vulnerable to viruses, as well.
If you choose to jailbreak or not is your decision, depending on what you want to use your Apple TV for.

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