Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Claims that Apple Television Set will not come this Year

Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that even though most likely Apple will present a new update to its Apple TV in 2014, we should not expect to see the much rumored television set this year. According to Kuo, this release will most likely only come in 2015 or even 2016.

Since the moment when it has first been revealed that Apple may have some important plans when it comes to its Apple TV, numerous rumors occurred on the intentions that the famous company might have. Fans of Apple and Apple TV actually expect for the popular manufacturer to release an actual television set.

But, nothing from Apple seems to indicate that the company has in plans something more than to deliver certain updates to its Apple TV set-box.

Now, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo comes to make some new revelations on the future of Apple TV. Ming-Chi Kuo actually is quite famous for his numerous accurate predictions on the intentions and plans linked to releases and developments of Apple. 

Kuo claims that Apple will probably release a new update to its Apple TV in 2014. The analyst says that most likely this update will add the A7 processor to the device, but we should not expect more from the company.

Kuo explained that even though the manufacturer may release an Apple TV with A7 processor, the success and impact this decision is going to have on shipment and sales growth will probably not be that spectacular. Kuo says that sales growth will be limited if Apple will not provide more TV content and more services.

However, Kuo seems to be almost certain that Apple will not release an actual television set this year, despite the rumors indicating the contrary. The analyst claims that such a release should not be expected until 2015 or 2016. Establishing an iTV is not only an extremely complex release, but it will also be an important investment for the company.

On the other hand, some analysts seem to be quite certain that Apple will surprise and make this release much sooner. Many are confident that after all, 2014 is the year of the release of the iTV.  

New Apple TV 2 Untethered Jailbreak Released

Once again good news are revealed for owners of Apple TV 2. The Apple TV 5.3 untethered Jailbreak version for their devices has just been released and is ready for users to access it.

So, it looks like new efforts made by the jailbreak community have been able to reach new progress in releasing an untethered Apple TV 2 5.3 jailbreak. This is a new version of the Seas0nPass jailbreak for Apple TV, on 5.3 firmware. The new jailbreak possibility was revealed by FireCore. With this new jailbreak option users may enjoy a whole new experience on their device.

The jailbreak community releasing this new untethered jailbreak version has also been working at a new TV Flash, it has been revealed. So, it seems that the jailbreak will even bring a web browser on Apple TV, along with the updated version of a TV Flash. The TV Flash brings a series of new updates to Apple TV, so this might be an interesting addition.

However, it is important to know that the new untethered jailbreak is not compatible with Apple TV 6.0, which has been released during the fall. Apple TV 6.0 brought new features and access to some interesting apps, including AirPlay from iCloud and iTunes Radio. 

The jailbreak community is also working to break into the Apple TV 6.0 firmware and probably we should expect for a new untethered version to be out soon.

According to FireCore, a progress has already been made into this direction, but it remains unknown when the new jailbreak version will be available for users to access. FireCore also revealed that they hope to come with an update and more information on this subject really soon.

Even though Apple TV is commonly regarded to as a hobby device, the set-top box delivers quite a good performance. Moreover, jailbreaking allows owners of this product to access more of its features and enhance their performance. 

While unfortunately for Apple TV 3 owners an untethered jailbreak option has not been achieved, owners of Apple TV 2 can easily jailbreak their device. The third generation Apple TV still has not been cracked by the jailbreak community.   

When will a New Apple TV Software Refresh Be Released?

All owners of Apple TV ask this question: when will a new Apple TV software refresh be out? Well, the news is that Apple already updated its Apple TV software back in October. The 6.0.1 update became available almost immediately after the Apple event that took place during this month. Even though users had to wait for a while until being able to hit Apple’s Support Downloads webpage, this new improvement was definitely seen well by clients of Apple TV.

The software update promises to bring performance improvements and deal with the back-end fixes. The Apple TV version 6.0.1 is currently available for both second and third generation devices. This means that no matter if you own an Apple TV 2 or an Apple TV 3, you may benefit from this opportunity to get enhanced usability. Still, some analysts have criticized this new update, calling it only a minor release. The truth is that the Apple TV software refresh dating back to October is not bringing major additions.

The 6.0.1 update was out after the 6.0 update, which dates to September. This update came with many new features, including AirPlay from iCloud, iTunes Radio and even Bluetooth 4.0 integration.
The minor update from October was also followed by another small update, 6.0.2. Apparently, there are no impressive features in the new update, but opinions are shared. However, what is certain is that the release was focused on improving general performance and stability when it comes to the Apple TV. The new release that brings an Apple TV software refresh was announced shortly after the iOS 7.0.4 update.

Most specialists claim that users of Apple TV should not expect something big when it comes to new improvements, at least until 2014. Rumors on the release of Apple TV 4 in the first trimester of 2014 have already made many analysts say that Apple is preparing something quite interesting for its Apple TV. Well, if that is true or not we will only discover next year. However, what is certain is that rumors on the release of Apple TV 4 have been on for months, so probably we will not have to wait for long to see the new Apple product.

Plex on Apple TV without Jailbreaking Is Still an Option for Apple TV Owners

Owners of Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 have the possibility to use advanced devices that offer an amazing usability. However, all Apple devices are limited when it comes to features. This means that Apple has some limitations on the system a device contains, so users can only access certain apps that are allowed by Apple to be used on their devices. In this context, there is no wonder that jailbreaking occurred. Jailbreaking means using a program that will modify the Apple system, but only to make apps compatible with it.

Jailbreaking is currently available for Apple TV 2, but people owning an Apple TV 3 received great news this summer, too. A few months ago, PlexConnect released a new hack that could be used by all Apple clients with the purpose to make Plex functional on their device. Plex is not normally accessible to Apple TV owners, who have to jailbreak their device in other to install this program. Well, PlexConnect was a popular hack that allowed clients to access the media server software with no need to jailbreak first. Naturally, Apple released its own update soon after the launch of PlexConnect, to battle it. PlexConnect received some updates, too, so it may still run effectively on your device.

A future Apple TV update could disable once again PlexConnect, but the hack will probably find a way to beat Apple’s security. However, Apple TV 2 owners also have the option of jailbreaking their device. While some clients consider jailbreaking great, others still wonder if this would be the right choice.

Pros and cons to jailbreaking

Jailbreaking can bring many benefits to Apple TV owners. Through this process people who have such a device will be able to customize it in order to make it perfect for them. Moreover, jailbreaking opens unlimited access to all type of apps that any Apple TV owner can use. Apps can enhance the functionality of this device.

On the other hand, some people worry about the risks that jailbreaking might bring. The main risk is that in case you have a warranty on your device, jailbreaking will make it void. Opening your device to certain apps might make it more vulnerable to viruses, as well.
If you choose to jailbreak or not is your decision, depending on what you want to use your Apple TV for.