Apple TV, LoveFilm, Netflix or Now TV: Which one to Choose?

Apple TV, LoveFilm, Netflix or Now TV: Which one to Choose?
We live in the digital era and more and more advanced devices are released each month. Naturally, when there are more options out there, making a pick becomes even more difficult. In a world of many options, choosing best can even seem to be a great challenge. To ease your efforts, here you will find the main facts about Apple TV, but also LoveFilm, Netflix and Now TV. 

1. Apple TV
Apple TV might easily be described as the most popular of these four only when having under consideration the fact that this is an Apple product, a widely known and reputed company. Apple TV actually is a media streamer which allows users to gain access to a series of services. Internet streaming services are available on an Apple TV, along with the iTunes library. Netflix can be accessed from an Apple TV, too, as well as YouTube, iCloud, Disney Channel, NHL, HBO and much more. Users can access movies, TV shows, but also music and photos. 

2. LoveFilm
LoveFilm actually is an Amazon service. In 2012, LoveFilm had more than 2 million subscribers, so this is a popular service, too. It offers discs via post, as well as the popular LoveFilm Instant. Users will have to pay a monthly fee to have access to endless numbers of TV shows and movies. This is the oldest and the most established of all the video streaming services presented here. 

3. Netflix
Netflix works in a similar way with LoveFilm. This means that users only have to pay a monthly fee with the purpose to gain access to unlimited streaming in a complex library of films and TV series. For the service to work effectively it requires a great broadband connection. The Internet streaming media provider offers easy access, this is why it is quite popular at the moment. It can be used on almost all types of devices. 

4. Now TV
Now TV is considered to be more complex than LoveFilm and Netflix. At Now TV you will find three different packages from which you may choose. They are Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky Entertainment. This makes the program customizable according to what you want to watch: movies, live channels or sports. Regardless of which option you pick, you will have to make a monthly payment for access to your favorite programs. Now TV was only launched in July 2012. 

Before making your pick, analyze costs and benefits. Keep in mind that Netflix and LoveFilm have similar costs, while Now TV commonly costs more. Apple supposes the costs of purchase, as this is a device you will own and which can include what you want to have on your TV. Netflix contains the most amounts of films and TV series and a good quality, too. Now TV is believed to be best for the latest releases, which are immediately available here. Well, as you can see, each of these four options has its benefits, so it is up to you to decide on the one that is best matched to what you want.

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