Apple TV Jailbreak Features

Jailbreaking is very popular nowadays among users of Apple TV. It is commonly claimed that there are many benefits of owning a jailbroken Apple TV. Jailbreaking will offer users access to iTunes movies and TV shows, but also to Netflix streaming, NBA and NHL games, as well as to many other great features. Some of the most popular such features enhance the usability of the device, making it customizable.
So, Apple TV jailbreak features include possibilities to customize the main menu of the device. This means that users will gain access to hide menus and adjust screen saver settings, among many other features that will allow them to customize their devices, the exact way they want. 

Jailbreaking your Apple TV will allow you to enjoy access to more media sources. For instance, you will gain access to Hulu, to Amazon, Pandora, CBS, ABC, MTV and much more. Jailbreaking will allow owners of Apple TVs to access whatever sources they desire. In fact, the portal that confers users the possibility to access such sources is XBMC. XBMC includes other plugins, too, as well as beautiful custom themes. This means that users will actually be able to completely change the way their Apple TV looks like and the way they imagined they will be able to use the device when it was first released. 

Jailbreaking is the process through which you will gain root access to your device and you will be able to get full control and freedom on accessing its operating system. Third applications will become available for users to access and in fact users can make their device perfect according to their needs.
Apple TV commonly has a limited number of channels, features and apps that can work. Apple does not allow third part apps to be installed on the device, this is where jailbreaking comes in. However, people who use jailbreaking possibilities should know that there are certain risks. For instance, the device will become more vulnerable to malware, as well as to viruses. Still, using an antivirus should be enough to manage easily this issue. 

An important thing to understand is that the performance of the device you own will not be affected by jailbreaking. The apps and actually anything running on the device will not be deleted or harmed by jailbreaking.

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