Apple TV Hacks Update Revealed This Summer

This summer Apple has announced an important change that affected most of its Apple TV customers. The update broke the PlexConnect hack. Apple TV is a digital media receiver, which was first released by Apple in 2006. Throughout the years, various changes have been made to the initial receiver, so in 2010 Apple announced to have launched a second-generation version of Apple TV. The third generation was out in January 2013.

Owners of the Apple TV third generation receivers are not very happy with the fact that there is no jailbreak for this device. In fact, the latest generation of Apple TV owners probably already know that the device had no jailbreak since its release, at the beginning of this year, and it seems that Apple plans on keeping things this way. PlexConnect, as the Apple TV hack is known, was released with the purpose to help users enjoy enhanced Apple TV 3 usability, with no need of jailbreak. It has the important feature of allowing users to run Plex media center software on their Apple TVs. It confers the possibility to playback different types of content from the local network, on the big screen.

What is PlexConnect? People who are not familiar with its concept should find out that Plex actually is a media player that includes a desktop app and a server. The app helps users manage videos, photos and music, actually all type of media. It basically allows users to stream video from a computer to Apple TV. Plex was available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 2.

What this new hack did was to allow all users of Apple TV 3rd generation to install Plex on their devices, with no need to be jailbreak first. The new Apple TV hack can be used by anyone. It takes less than 2 minutes to configure on your device. It is also compatible with the second generation of Apple TV. Well, this summer Apple released an update that made it impossible for users to continue using PlexConnect. Apple wants to keep its third generation devices away from jailbreak and it seems that the update has reached its goal. 

After the release of the update that broke PlexConnect, the newest of all Apple TV hacks, certain updates were made to the program to still be usable with Apple TV 3, so users were warned that the software might still be slightly unstable. It was expected in a few weeks for all potential problems linked to the hack to be solved, so now most likely users meet no problems with the latest jailbreak-free hack that can easily be found online.

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