Apple TV Mods Available for Apple TV 2

Apple TV 2 is the most popular Apple product when it comes to its line of Apple TVs. Since the first moment when Apple TV was released until today, the company has tried to bring many improvements to its products. Well, sometimes Apple’s plans have not had the desired impact on the market. At least, this seems to be the case for Apple TV 3. Apple TV 3 is currently less popular than its previous TV generation and it looks like this happens only because there is no jailbreaking possibility available for this product, at least not yet.

The fact that Apple TV mods are available for the second generation devices makes this product extremely popular at the moment. What does this mean? Well, an Apple TV is a highly advanced product. However, most clients are unhappy with the fact that this product comes with certain limitations. This means that Apple features restrictions that make it impossible for clients to install certain applications on their device. Naturally, this means that some are unhappy with the fact that they can only customize their device in certain limits. Naturally, Apple TV mods achieved an enhanced popularity.

Through jailbreaking, owners will actually break free from Apple’s limits and the rules the company has on its products. Jailbreaking actually means access to some features that would otherwise be inaccessible to clients of Apple. Changes made to the main menu, setting changes but also access to fully controlling the Apple TV and its operating system can only be obtained through jailbreaking. Access to CBS, ABC, MTV, Plex and much more, can also be achieved this way.

Secure and functional jailbreaking possibilities are currently available for Apple TV 2. Unfortunately for owners of Apple TV 3 seeking for such an opportunity, we cannot say the same thing. However, it is claimed that the jailbreak community will finally find a way to break into Apple’s system. Apple TV hacks aim to make usage better and to enhance the whole Apple TV experience. Some claim that it actually is a pity that these devices are so great, if access is so limited.

Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Plex: Broken and then Fixed

Everyone owning an Apple TV was extremely happy last summer when a new hack made Plex available on non-jailbroken devices. Well, the happiness did not last for long, as soon Apple issued an update which made Plex once again impossible to use on devices that have not been jailbroken. Jailbreaking is the process through which a device’s system is modified with the purpose to make all types of apps accessible to anyone owning an Apple device. Normally, Apple has many limitations when it comes to its TVs, which are naturally associated to all the devices that the company has released until today. 

While some people purchase Apple TVs just because there are available certain jailbreaking possibilities for those devices, other individuals prefer to keep their TV intact. In this context it is important to mention that Apple is never happy with jailbreaking, even though this is something 100 percent legal. Not only that customers will lose their warranty, in case they have one, when jailbreaking, but Apple commonly releases many updates that are trying to beat this program, making certain apps nonfunctional. 

This is exactly what happened with PlexConnect, a hack released earlier this summer, which made Plex available on all devices, with no need to jailbreak first. Naturally, soon after the release of this app, Apple updated its system and Plex stopped worked. Of course, PlexConnect received an update, as well, to continue to work on Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3, even though they are still non-jailbroken devices. So, now it is still available for usage on Apple TV devices. 

Plex has been available for years on devices by Samsung and Roku. Apple products are not compatible with this popular program, making it very hard for owners of Apple TV to access Plex. In fact, Plex is one of the main reasons why many people owning an Apple TV decide to have it jailbroken. With PlexConnect owning Plex on Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3 might be simpler.

Installing PlexConnect actually is extremely easy and it will make your whole Apple TV experience much better. PlexConnect makes jailbreaking unnecessary for people who want to keep their Apple device intact.

Apple TV 2 Jailbreak: Why should you Jailbreak?

Compared to all other similar devices, Apple TV can appear as a limited product. Apple company has always described its product more like a hobby device, but in time Apple TV has become very popular, while its functionality increased. However, the number of apps that users can access on an Apple TV is still limited; so many owners are not pleased with what they get when buying this product. 

Adding more functionality on your Apple TV is something simpler today, at least if you own an Apple TV 2. When you add more features to your device, you can access what you want and customize your Apple TV the way you please. Apple TV 2 can be customized today through jailbreaking. If jailbreaking is a brand new concept for you, you should know that this actually means that you will modify the operating system of your device with the purpose to make certain apps compatible with it. Jailbreaking is simple and it will not delete or harm your Apple TV.

Apple TV 2 jailbreak possibilities are available now in many programs. Still, you should be careful which one you pick, as it is recommended to use a trustful source. Anyway, when the jailbreaking process is completed, you will gain access to apps such as XBMC and Plex. You can access an endless number of channels and you can personalize your device the way you want. 

So, the two main reasons why you should jailbreak an Apple TV 2 are the unlimited access to apps and the possibility to customize your device as you please. Moreover, the whole process of jailbreaking an Apple TV is very simple. Just be careful at the risks! When you jailbreak your warranty will become void, naturally in case you have one. Jailbreaking will also cause your device to be more vulnerable to malware. It is recommended to install an antivirus program to decrease this risk. 

Keep in mind that jailbreaking your Apple TV 2 will bring unlimited access and a whole new perspective on the way you can use your device. Free apps and a series of functional features will become available for you. Make sure to analyze the pros and the cons before jailbreaking, to be certain that you will make the right decision.

AllCast New App for Android Available now on Apple TV and Roku

A few months ago a new Android app was announced to be out. The app became known as AirCast or AllCast, allowing users to stream local video and audio content to Chromecast, from the device’s gallery, Dropbox or Google Drive, the whole process becoming simpler and more direct. Google was not happy at all with the new app, which was blocked several times. Still, its developer, Koushik Dutta, managed to find the way to improve his app, which is now available for many devices. Koushik Dutta is well known as the developer of ClockwordMod.

The new AllCast app is available for download on Google Play Store, at the moment. This app is so advanced now that it can stream content from Apple TV, but also from Roku and Xbox, as well as from Samsung Smart TVs. Apple TV users will surely be happy to discover this latest app that they can also use. 

AllCast is considered to be very simple to operate. It is as simple to install as all other apps. However, once the application is on your device, you will discover that a new button appears in the corner of all open videos and photos. The app is really functional and extremely impressive, but it has a major limitation. AllCast will not support videos from streaming services. Only content from Dropbox and Google Drive is supported and can be handled by this new app. This actually is considered to be the main disadvantage of this application. 

If you want to test the beta version of the AllCast app, you will have to join the ClockworkMod Beta Testers community on Google +, then you can download the app from Google Play Store. AllCast is thought to have initially been written for Chromecast. The new beta application comes at this moment, as the older beta version is going to expire soon. This means that users who plan on accessing this app need to download the new version as fast as possible. However, there is nothing to worry about, as it is really easily to access and install on all devices. 

The AllCast app is quite popular nowadays, so it is worth to give it a try, being described as very functional, too.

Apple TV, LoveFilm, Netflix or Now TV: Which one to Choose?

Apple TV, LoveFilm, Netflix or Now TV: Which one to Choose?
We live in the digital era and more and more advanced devices are released each month. Naturally, when there are more options out there, making a pick becomes even more difficult. In a world of many options, choosing best can even seem to be a great challenge. To ease your efforts, here you will find the main facts about Apple TV, but also LoveFilm, Netflix and Now TV. 

1. Apple TV
Apple TV might easily be described as the most popular of these four only when having under consideration the fact that this is an Apple product, a widely known and reputed company. Apple TV actually is a media streamer which allows users to gain access to a series of services. Internet streaming services are available on an Apple TV, along with the iTunes library. Netflix can be accessed from an Apple TV, too, as well as YouTube, iCloud, Disney Channel, NHL, HBO and much more. Users can access movies, TV shows, but also music and photos. 

2. LoveFilm
LoveFilm actually is an Amazon service. In 2012, LoveFilm had more than 2 million subscribers, so this is a popular service, too. It offers discs via post, as well as the popular LoveFilm Instant. Users will have to pay a monthly fee to have access to endless numbers of TV shows and movies. This is the oldest and the most established of all the video streaming services presented here. 

3. Netflix
Netflix works in a similar way with LoveFilm. This means that users only have to pay a monthly fee with the purpose to gain access to unlimited streaming in a complex library of films and TV series. For the service to work effectively it requires a great broadband connection. The Internet streaming media provider offers easy access, this is why it is quite popular at the moment. It can be used on almost all types of devices. 

4. Now TV
Now TV is considered to be more complex than LoveFilm and Netflix. At Now TV you will find three different packages from which you may choose. They are Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky Entertainment. This makes the program customizable according to what you want to watch: movies, live channels or sports. Regardless of which option you pick, you will have to make a monthly payment for access to your favorite programs. Now TV was only launched in July 2012. 

Before making your pick, analyze costs and benefits. Keep in mind that Netflix and LoveFilm have similar costs, while Now TV commonly costs more. Apple supposes the costs of purchase, as this is a device you will own and which can include what you want to have on your TV. Netflix contains the most amounts of films and TV series and a good quality, too. Now TV is believed to be best for the latest releases, which are immediately available here. Well, as you can see, each of these four options has its benefits, so it is up to you to decide on the one that is best matched to what you want.

Plex on Apple TV without Jailbreaking - PlexConnect

Many people would love to have Plex on their Apple TV, without jailbreaking. Well, it seems that there is a simple way to achieve this purpose. A new hack created by Plex users, known as PlexConnect, allows users to access the popular media server software, without having to jailbreak the device first. Until now, an update released by Apple broke PlexConnect, which was also updated to still be functional for users.
Naturally, Apple may release more updates in the near future, which may disable PlexConnect, but probably the Plex community will find a way to make the program work once again. So, until now users were able to run a Plex media server only when their devices were jailbroken. The hack changes some settings on your Apple TV and in just 2 minutes the whole system is ready. This means that the process is both simple and fast. The hack comes with an install guide, to make it even easier for users to run it on their devices. 

The popularity of PlexConnect has increased among Apple TV owners who don’t want to jailbreak their devices, but want to access Plex and all its benefits. However, there are many reasons why people want to jailbreak their Apple TV and the Plex plugins are surely among the most important ones. Now, Apple TV 3 users can access Plex even though a jailbreaking possibility has not been released yet. 

For those who don’t know what Plex is, they should find out that Plex actually is a media player system that allows users the possibility to manage and play videos, music, as well as photos from their computer running the Plex Media server. The program will allow users to access more of their favorite videos, with no problems and much easily. 

Unfortunately for people waiting for jailbreaking for Apple TV 3, there is still no functional and stable way of achieving this purpose. Apple has released several updates to make it impossible for the jailbreaking community to break into the system. Still, various jailbreaking versions have been released and probably a functional and stable one will be out soon. So, users will probably not have to wait for long until they will be able to jailbreak their Apple TV 3.

Apple TV Software Refresh: New Update Announced in September

Fans of Apple TV devices were surely pleased to find out that the company updated their Apple TV 6.0. In September, Apple re-released version 6.0 on the software used by this device. The device comes with a new feature, which has actually been rumored for several months: automatic setup from an iOS device. 

What does the software refresh bring? It seems that the new update offers users the possibility to configure the set-top box’s Wi-Fi password, the language and format preferences, as well as the iTunes Store account as simply as connecting the iOS device to the Apple TV. However, for this process to be successful users need to possess an iOS device that runs on iOS 7, as well as a new version of iPad, iPad mini or iPhone. 

Apple ensures users that touching the two devices is simple and the whole process is more user friendly than what customers had to deal with until this new update. However, some clients have met a series of errors when installing the new update. Critical errors were actually reported by many clients, indicating that the update came with a series of issues. Apple claimed to have fixed those issues and re-released its software update in a matter of a few days. 

The software can now be downloaded by users via the Update Software tool, in the Apple TV setting menu. A number of features can be easily accessed by users who download the update. They include iTunes Radio, iTunes Music Store purchases, iCloud Phone updates, as well as Podcasts and AirPlay from iCloud updates.

The update comes after many users have claimed that the whole usage process was extremely difficult. Specialists claim that this update is only the first step to more releases when it comes to Apple TV software and hardware. In fact, it is said that Apple prepares a surprise for its customers, which will be revealed at the special press event the company is scheduling, when the next generation of iPad will be announced. If rumors will turn out being true or false is something we will find out soon. Many fans of Apple are waiting anxiously to discover what the company has prepared next when it comes to its TV generations.

Apple TV Mods: Jailbreaking Apple TV 2

Since the moment when the first Apple TV was released until today, the hack community has several times tried to push the limits of the company. A jailbreak has been released for each of the Apple TV updates that were launched until today, even though we cannot say the same thing for Apple TV 3. At the beginning of October it has been claimed that a 100 percent functional Apple TV 3 jailbreak has been launched, but it seems that there is more work that has to be done until the version will be stable and usable for all clients to access easily.

Apple TV mods are available for Apple TV 2. In fact, this is considered to be one of the main reasons why Apple TV second generation is actually more popular than the newest release of the company. Why is jailbreaking so common among Apple TV users? Well, it seems that the answer to this question actually lies in the numerous benefits that jailbreaking has. Jailbreaking allows users to add certain features to the main menu, change settings, access all the apps they want and gain full control over the device and its operating system. 

Simply, jailbreaking allows you to install all apps you desire on your device. It is described as the possibility to fully control your device and to free it from the installation of many restrictions when it comes to applications. Customers can customize their devices the way they want when they are using a device which has been jailbroken. There are more benefits to unlocking the device, including access to all major network channels, such as CBS, ABC and MTV, among many others. Moreover, users can access YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix, reaching a new level of usability. Jailbreaking is something very simple to access and complete by all users interested in controlling better their Apple TV. 

In the past few months it has been claimed that Apple made the decision to release a new updated version of Apple TV. It has been rumored that the famous company will make the announcement public in October, but new rumors indicate that Apple will reveal nothing yet when it comes to the plans the company might have on the future of Apple TV. If an Apple TV 4 will be out soon or not is something we will find out in the following months. Until then, users wait for the jailbreak for Apple TV 3, which has not been announced yet.

Apple TV Jailbreak Features

Jailbreaking is very popular nowadays among users of Apple TV. It is commonly claimed that there are many benefits of owning a jailbroken Apple TV. Jailbreaking will offer users access to iTunes movies and TV shows, but also to Netflix streaming, NBA and NHL games, as well as to many other great features. Some of the most popular such features enhance the usability of the device, making it customizable.
So, Apple TV jailbreak features include possibilities to customize the main menu of the device. This means that users will gain access to hide menus and adjust screen saver settings, among many other features that will allow them to customize their devices, the exact way they want. 

Jailbreaking your Apple TV will allow you to enjoy access to more media sources. For instance, you will gain access to Hulu, to Amazon, Pandora, CBS, ABC, MTV and much more. Jailbreaking will allow owners of Apple TVs to access whatever sources they desire. In fact, the portal that confers users the possibility to access such sources is XBMC. XBMC includes other plugins, too, as well as beautiful custom themes. This means that users will actually be able to completely change the way their Apple TV looks like and the way they imagined they will be able to use the device when it was first released. 

Jailbreaking is the process through which you will gain root access to your device and you will be able to get full control and freedom on accessing its operating system. Third applications will become available for users to access and in fact users can make their device perfect according to their needs.
Apple TV commonly has a limited number of channels, features and apps that can work. Apple does not allow third part apps to be installed on the device, this is where jailbreaking comes in. However, people who use jailbreaking possibilities should know that there are certain risks. For instance, the device will become more vulnerable to malware, as well as to viruses. Still, using an antivirus should be enough to manage easily this issue. 

An important thing to understand is that the performance of the device you own will not be affected by jailbreaking. The apps and actually anything running on the device will not be deleted or harmed by jailbreaking.

Apple TV iOS 7 Rumors

The fact that Apple TV might be updated has been rumored for several months now. In fact, when iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were released everyone expected to see a new update for the Apple TV, too. However, the company made no official announcements on this matter, which made it simpler for rumors to occur on the potential release of a new Apple TV. 

Rumors on Apple’s intentions to release an important hardware update have first occurred during the summer. However, these rumors became even more intense in September, when various reports stated that Apple will most likely bring certain iOS 7 updates to Apple TV. However, until today the company made no official statements that can reveal such intentions. 

The latest version of Apple TV released until today is Apple TV 3. The device currently is less popular on the market compared to its previous version, even though it features many updates. Specialists explain this reality through the fact that Apple has managed to keep their Apple TV 3 away from jailbreaking, which in fact makes the previous jailbroken version more popular than the last update. Some specialists say that this is one of the reasons why Apple has not released its new Apple TV, waiting for sales to grow for Apple TV 3. However, jailbreaking attempts for this latest version have reached no results in defeating Apple’s security system. 

The new Apple TV iOS 7 that is currently rumored is said to bring more freedom to users, who will be able to enjoy a new usability of their device. However, maybe October will bring more information on this subject, as it is claimed that during the event Apple has scheduled for his month, new releases will be revealed. Apple TV 4 and the next iPad and iPad Mini are believed to be announced at this event. However, what Apple has scheduled for its customers next is something we will only find out in the following period. 

So, despite Apple TV iOS 7 rumors, the official intentions of the company still remain unclear. The fact that Apple might be working at a new hardware product has been rumored for months now. Still, there is no evidence to back these rumors.

Apple TV iOS 5 Jailbreak Untethered

Many people who currently own an Apple TV 3 hope that they will find an untethered jailbreak for their device. The system used on Apple TV 3 is iOS 6.1.3. For this system, no jailbreak version has become available, at least not yet. However, people interested in using Apple TV should find out that an iOS 5 untethered jailbreak version is already available for use. This is compatible with Apple TV 2. Probably, this is one of the reasons why Apple TV 2 has become so popular. 

The Apple TV iOS 5 jailbreak untethered version was actually released during the summer of 2012, only a few months after the release of Apple TV 2. Why do customers still prefer this version of Apple TV? It seems that the reason why people prefer Apple TV 2 is actually linked to the possibility of jailbreaking. Jailbreaking is the process through which the iOS system that Apple TV 2 has is modified to access applications that would normally be incompatible with it

Throughout the years several updates have been made to the iOS 5 system. The purpose was for Apple to avoid jailbreaking. Well, along with the updates of Apple, updated versions for jailbreaking have also been released. One of the most popular jailbreaking tools at moment is considered to be SeasOnPass, which has actually provided an updated version for 5.2.1 iOS, too

Why jailbreaking? It seems that people nowadays prefer Apple TV 2 to the third generation, which is more functional and actually cheaper, due to the jailbreaking possibility. Customers claim that there are so many benefits to jailbreaking that it is worth the cost. Jailbreaking allows users to run a series of apps that will offer them the possibility to access and simpler use their device. 

Jailbreaking is something that can be done really easy, so there is no reason why customers should not access it. Moreover, there is nothing illegal and nothing wrong to jailbreaking your device. The jailbreak community always finds a way to break inside any system Apple releases and probably this will also happen for Apple TV 3. However, since there is no stable and functional jailbreak system for Apple TV 3, at least not yet, people still prefer Apple TV iOS 5 and its updated versions.

Apple TV 2 Jailbreak is Available

The possibility to gain full control over their Apple TVs has drawn the attention of thousands of customers. Consequently, Apple TV 2 jailbreak is extremely popular. Apple TV 2 was released in 2010, but the device continues to be highly popular today. One of the main reasons why its popularity is so increased is actually linked to the jailbreak possibilities it features. Unlike the last Apple TV generation to be released, Apple TV 3, the second generation can be jailbroken, which means that users can customize their device the way they desire. This makes them more willing to purchase this generation of Apple TV.

Jailbreaking is a possibility for Apple TV customers who want to benefit more of the device they are using. Jailbreaking offers control and access to the operating system of the device, making it customizable and more effective in matching the needs of each user. Jailbreaking Apple TV 2 will allow users to gain access to features that would normally not be accessible to them. 

Jailbreaking is a process relatively simple to complete by any individual owning an Apple TV 2. The whole process commonly takes about 2 minutes. It comes with certain instructions, so users will easily discover what they should do to modify their device. The program will not change the applications users may have on their Apple TV. It actually only adds access to the Cydia app. Here, users will find a series of applications that become compatible with the system they are using.

In conclusion, the Apple TV 2 jailbreak is a simple and functional way of customizing your device. Moreover, it may offer users the possibility to access free apps, making using their device simpler and more affordable. You can customize the device you own as you imagined, thing that cannot be possible in the lack of jailbreaking. Apple has certain limitations when it comes to the products they released on the market. This means that the company allows users of its Apple TV to access only a limited number of applications, all other apps being incompatible with the system. Jailbreaking appeared with the main purpose to offer users the possibility to enjoy more freedom and be able to use their devices as they want.

Apple TV Jailbreak Apps

Apple TV is a functional and highly appreciated media receiver, developed by famous company Apple Inc. The device will allow users to access content from Disney Channel, HBO GO, Sky News, NHL GameCenter, NBA League Pass, but also iTunes Store and iCloud, among many others. Until today three generations of Apple TV have been released. The first generation dates back to 2007. The second Apple TV generation has been released in 2010, while the third dates back to 2012. A revised third generation was out at the beginning of 2013

As the devices that Apple released come with certain restrictions, many users access jailbreaking programs. What does jailbreaking means? Well, jailbreaking actually is the process through which Apple’s mobile operating system is modified for users to be able to gain access to files that normally cannot be accessed due to the restrictions the device has. Jailbreaking allows users to add certain apps to their device, which are described as unofficial. 

Apple TV jailbreak apps are unofficial applications which become compatible with the iOS system. One of the most popular sources on which users can find such apps is Cydia, which will allow them to download applications, tweaks and extensions. In fact, users can access all the apps that will offer them endless possibilities to do whatever they want on their iOS device. Naturally, freedom and usability are improved, compared to a non-jailbroken device.

What jailbreaking will do is freeing your Apple TV from all control and restrictions from the manufacturer. This means that users can find Apple TV jailbreak apps that will allow them to change settings the way they desire, to use on their device what they want and to have access to all applications that will make using their device a more comfortable experience. 

Moreover, jailbreaking offers access to third party applications, and in fact there are hundreds of applications that can be used by Apple TV owners to enhance usability. They allow users to customize their device, as they want. Jailbreaking will allow users to have access to tweaks, mods and extensions, too. It is simple and can be accessed by all owners of Apple TV first and second generation. For third generation Apple TV owners, jailbreaking is not available yet, but this is expected to happen soon.

Apple TV Jailbreak 1080p

If Apple TV 3 can be jailbroken or not is a commonly asked question nowadays. Maybe, there is some good news for Apple TV customers. It has several times been announced that an Apple TV jailbreak 1080p has already been tested and will be out soon. A new version promises to be a safe Apple TV jailbreak, so customers will definitely find it useful. Moreover, the new version promises to be easily downloadable to users, with no costs.

Several Apple TV 3 jailbreaks have been released until today, but none of them was 100 percent functional. Well, the new version that promises to be out soon claims to be more functional than any other jailbreak released for Apple TV 3 until today. The exact date when this will happen has not been revealed to the audience, at least not yet. If this version will be out soon is something we can only wait and see. However, some claim that a jailbreak for this 3rd generation of Apple TV will not be out in the near future.

The 3rd generation Apple TV was released this year, in March. The 2nd generation has been jailbroken, so users can enjoy freedom and full control when accessing it. Despite the impressive restrictions that Apple released along with its 2nd generation device, jailbreaking still became possible. Probably, this will soon happen in the case of Apple TV 3. However, until jailbreaking will become a reality, the market for Apple TV 2 has increased spectacularly. Still, not everyone is willing to invest in an older version of Apple and many customers still wait for the 1080p Apple TV jailbreak.

Jailbreaking has become amazing popular among Apple devices users. Consequently, the wait for the 3rd generation Apple TV jailbreak to be released continues, even though a release date has not been announced yet. What Apple customers need to do now is to choose between an older and more expensive version, which can be jailbroken, and a newer version of Apple TV, which has not been jailbroken yet.

The second-generation version of Apple TV was announced in 2010. The third generation of these devices was introduced on the market in 2012. It comes with more impressive features, including a higher resolution, 1080p, and a brand new user interface.

Apple TV Hacks Update Revealed This Summer

This summer Apple has announced an important change that affected most of its Apple TV customers. The update broke the PlexConnect hack. Apple TV is a digital media receiver, which was first released by Apple in 2006. Throughout the years, various changes have been made to the initial receiver, so in 2010 Apple announced to have launched a second-generation version of Apple TV. The third generation was out in January 2013.

Owners of the Apple TV third generation receivers are not very happy with the fact that there is no jailbreak for this device. In fact, the latest generation of Apple TV owners probably already know that the device had no jailbreak since its release, at the beginning of this year, and it seems that Apple plans on keeping things this way. PlexConnect, as the Apple TV hack is known, was released with the purpose to help users enjoy enhanced Apple TV 3 usability, with no need of jailbreak. It has the important feature of allowing users to run Plex media center software on their Apple TVs. It confers the possibility to playback different types of content from the local network, on the big screen.

What is PlexConnect? People who are not familiar with its concept should find out that Plex actually is a media player that includes a desktop app and a server. The app helps users manage videos, photos and music, actually all type of media. It basically allows users to stream video from a computer to Apple TV. Plex was available for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 2.

What this new hack did was to allow all users of Apple TV 3rd generation to install Plex on their devices, with no need to be jailbreak first. The new Apple TV hack can be used by anyone. It takes less than 2 minutes to configure on your device. It is also compatible with the second generation of Apple TV. Well, this summer Apple released an update that made it impossible for users to continue using PlexConnect. Apple wants to keep its third generation devices away from jailbreak and it seems that the update has reached its goal. 

After the release of the update that broke PlexConnect, the newest of all Apple TV hacks, certain updates were made to the program to still be usable with Apple TV 3, so users were warned that the software might still be slightly unstable. It was expected in a few weeks for all potential problems linked to the hack to be solved, so now most likely users meet no problems with the latest jailbreak-free hack that can easily be found online.

Apple TV Jailbreak Benefits

Apple TV devices have become quite popular nowadays. Jailbreaking is the process through which Apple’s mobile operating system is modified with the main purpose to gain access to files that normally could not be accessed. What jailbreaking does is installing unofficial applications on your device, which commonly are unavailable in the App Store. 

Jailbreaking allows users of iOS devices to access applications that otherwise would not be available for them, including 3rd-party applications, tweaks and extensions. They are important when it comes to improving the functionality of the device. Certain extensions can be installed by users to gain access to the system settings from anywhere, conferring users more control over their iOS experience. Shortly, jailbreaking means freeing your Apple device from the restrictions and control of the manufacturer, to be able to install anything you want on it, making your device perfectly suitable to your needs. 

Apple TV jailbreak benefits are many, this is why numerous individuals use this process to modify their devices. The main purpose of jailbreaking remains gaining access to applications that the App store would never approve. The jailbreak community simply offers clients the possibility to modify and adapt their device to their exact needs. Benefits include:
  • Jailbreaking gives users access to applications;
  • It also offers users the possibility to access mods, tweaks and extensions.
  • It improves usability of the Apple TV device.
  • Cydia, the store for jailbreak applications is simple to access. It can be used to search for any apps you might want to use. It functions in a similar way to the App Store. Most apps available here are free.
People considering using Apple TV jailbreaking should rest assured that this is not something illegal, at least in the United States. Until 2010, people were not allowed to access jailbreaking without actually breaking the law. However, in July 2010, the US government passed a rule that the jailbreaking process is 100 percent legal. People from all over the world use jailbreaking with no worries. Consider using the applications that benefit most your device, to make usability simpler and your entire experience much better.

Jailbreak Apple TV Benefits

Apple has always claimed that its popular device, the Apple TV is highly functional. However, the popularity of this device has not reached similar levels to the popularity of the iPhone, iPad and iPod. Still, there are numerous benefits users can enjoy when owning such a device. iTunes movies and TV shows can easily be accessed on Apple TV. Moreover, users of Apple TV will be able to access all NBA and NHL games. And this is not all. Numerous other benefits can be accessed by jailbreaking Apple TV. This will allow users to gain access to hide menus, adjust screen saver settings and much more. What jailbreaking your device means actually is gaining access to full control. It is the process of gaining root access to the device and its operating system. Jailbreaking will open endless possibilities when it comes to using your Apple device. When you completed this, you can download and use any type of application you may want on your Apple TV. You can watch any movie and enjoy full freedom. The jailbreaking process is quite simple nowadays, too. It can be accessed for all type of Apple devices, including Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. At the end of the installation you can access applications that previously were nonfunctional on the device. Moreover, jailbreaking your device will not remove any other application you previously had. Unfortunately, the program to jailbreak an Apple TV, 3rd generation, is not available yet. However, it seems that by the end of the year you may get more usability on your Apple device. Still, until now Apple has managed to stand against all attempts to jailbreak. Jailbreaking Apple TV comes with a series of benefits and the best thing about it is that it is all legal. So, in case you worried that this might be something wrong. In the past few years, jailbreaking has become extremely common. It is now used by thousands of people who own an Apple TV, as well as any other device using iOS system. Jailbreaking Apple TV benefits may vary depending on the generation of Apple TV you own. However, most people make this choice for the increased freedom they can obtain.

Jailbroken Apple TV: Second Generation

The latest generation of Apple TV which is currently jailbroken is Apple TV 2. Even though this is not the latest version available on the market, Apple TV 2 is the most popular one, according to many analysts. What makes Apple TV second-generation so popular is the fact that it is jailbroken, compared to the 3rd generation, which is the newest, but has no jailbreaking possibility available, at least not yet.

Apple TV second generation was released in 2010. This was the first to have an operating system based on a version of iOS. iOS jailbreaking is available for Apple TV 2 for users to install with the main purpose to improve the usability of the device. Jailbreaking will allow users to gain access to apps that otherwise would not be compatible with the system on Apple. 

Generally, jailbreaking devices released by Apple allows users to gain more access, usage and control over the device. Jailbreaking will allow users to install software such as XBMC, Plex and TV Flash. Jailbreaking your device is not something complicated. However, there are some things you will need. Having a second generation Apple TV, a micro USB cable and the latest version of iTunes software is a must. 

The main reason why most people want to jailbreak is to be able to download and use all apps they need to have on their devices, with no limitations from the Apps Store. Moreover, users will be able to enjoy an increased usability of their Apple TV, being able to access tweaks, mods and extensions, too. However, there are many other benefits to jailbreaking, which can be enjoyed by owners of Apple TV 2. 

Users who plan on enhancing the usability of their devices can rest assured that jailbreaking is absolutely 100 percent legal. Starting with 2012, the US government passed the rule that made jailbreaking something legal. This means that you can use it for enhanced usability of your device and to make sure that your Apple TV 2 will become as simple to use as possible. 

After jailbreaking your device you can use all the apps you have used before, as they will not change. However, what will change on your iOS system after jailbreaking is finding Cydia on the device, which is similar program to App Store, but for jailbreak applications.