Apple to Launch Apple Pay in China

There is no wonder in the fact that Apple is extremely interested in the Chinese market. The famous company has always put a lot of focus on this market, as after all China is the country that features the biggest number of potential clients in the world.

China is an interesting market for all tech manufacturers, every single one being willing to make a solid presence in this country.

Apple has definitely been able to achieve that, its iPhone 6 being extremely popular among customers here. Well, now it seems that Apple is ready to introduce another product in China.

The famous company is willing to launch the Apple Pay service in the country as soon as February 2015.
Reportedly, Apple has already signed partnerships with the biggest state-run banks in the country, including Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China and Bank of China Ltd.

However, although the four big banks have joined the project, this does not mean that Apple is free to launch its electronic payment service here. The tech giant will have to obtain regulatory approval to introduce its service on the market. Banking and e-commerce in China are commonly overseen by a number of government agencies.

An interesting thing that has not been revealed at this point is how much would the tech company charge for purchases that are made with the use of the Apple Pay system.

Apple Pay in China
The payments associated to the service in the United States are 0.15% for all credit card transactions, as well as 0.5 cents for debit card transactions. Apple has not commented on this subject for now. Some sources talking to the Wall Street Journal revealed that this is one of the sensitive details that need to be established by Apple and that need to be approved by Chinese authorities.

Well, Apple still hopes that the Apple Pay will be available in China at the beginning of February, before China's Spring Festival holiday. This is a very important celebration in China and the moment when huge purchases are made. For instance, last year, the holiday generated no less than $111.1 billion in sales and dining.

The Apple Pay was first launched by the tech company in October 2014. The service has become quite popular throughout the months and Apple has also released its payment service in the UK, in July.

The service also expanded to Australia and Canada this month according to John Colston at . Now, it seems that the famous company has targeted the biggest market in the world. The number of companies that support Apple Pay payments has also increased. After all, the service allows iPhone 6 owners to easier pay for items, meaning that customers appreciate it.

However, Apple is not the only company that offers such a service. Its main competitors on the market are Samsung Pay and Google's Android Pay. These two services have also shown interest in expanding, so there is no wonder in the fact that Apple is searching for such opportunities, as well.

New Apple TV to be released in 2015?

2014 has surely been a very busy year for Apple. The tech giant has launched a new product, the Apple Watch, it updated the iPad lineup and it actually released two new iPhones. Without a doubt, the release of these two new iPhones has been the most important launch for Apple in years. For the first time, Apple decided to launch an iPhone with a much bigger display than its previous generations. It seems that the famous tech company wanted to make a change and they could have not made a better decision.

 The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are a huge success on numerous markets. The demand for these devices has been so amazing that it actually managed to set some new sales records for Apple. Well, if 2014 has been such a busy and great year for Apple, what plans the famous company on releasing this year?

Numerous Apple TV fans hope that this time the tech giant will focus its efforts on the release of the 4th generation device on this lineup.

Apple TV is no longer a hobby

Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple, has already fueled rumors on Apple's intention to invest more in its
Apple TV, claiming that this device is no longer seen as a hobby by the tech giant. Now, new rumors indicate that the release of the new Apple TV will definitely take place in 2015.

Apple has last updated its Apple TV back in January 2013. Consequently, there is no wonder that everyone is anxious to see an update to this device soon. Back in July 2014, rumors emerged indicating that Apple has started working at the new device, but its release has been postponed due to the negotiations with some cable companies. According to these rumors, this is the reason why Apple did not make the release in 2014. Moreover, rumors revealed that Apple still is in negotiations with Comcast/Time Warner, for the release.

Well, some analysts seem to think that not only these negotiations have made the company wait for longer until the release of its new product. In fact, analyst Dan Miller thinks that there is no coincidence in the fact that Apple has waited so long. According to him, the company is waiting for the role of its TV in the home to de defined.

"The whole battle for rights and the role of the TV and the connected home and that sort of thing is still being defined.  What goes on in the home is going to be content-driven. There's no need to upgrade the hardware at this point unless things sort out," Miller said. However, opinions are shared. Other analysts seem to believe that the lack of interest for the Apple TV actually comes from the fact that it does not represent a big enough deal for the company. And since the company has failed to invest in this device sooner, some believe that it never will. So, there are also analysts who seem to believe that what Apple will do is just to roll out another update to the Apple TV software.

Some of the most recent opinions shared by analysts seem to support the possibility that the company might upgrade the Apple TV to make it a smart home hub. One rumor indicates that Apple will offer Facebook and Twitter access to the Apple TV. Another rumor reveals that the company plans on adding gaming to the device. Well, all these are just rumors, so everything remains uncertain when it comes to the Apple TV and the future plans of the company.

Of course, there are great possibilities for Apple to release an update to the Apple TV this year, but there is always the option to be just a simple software update which will bring a little bit more functionality and not the impressive release that everyone expects to see.

Apple has revealed that until now it sold no less than 20 million devices. However, there are many other competitors on the market, which have managed to do a better job than Apple. Some of these products
offer better services to customers, too. While the future of the Apple TV remains uncertain, the company might surprise its customers, so it is yet to see what Apple's plans are.

Apple TV Rumors: What to expect in 2014

For months it has been rumored that Apple is working to release a new update to its Apple TV. Actually, ever since the release of Apple TV 3, it has been claimed that the famous manufacturer has something more in its plans.

There are two main opinions on the future of Apple TV. Some seem to believe that Apple will only add more functionality to the device, while others seem to be quite certain that the company is actually working to release a full television set. Naturally, it remains unclear what Apple has in plans, as the company once again chose to reveal nothing about its intentions.

However, while Steve Jobs has always described the Apple TV has a hobby device, it seems that Tim Cook claimed that television remains an area of intense interest for Apple.

Still, it is believed that if Apple will release a new product in its TV lineup, probably this will be just a new set top box, which naturally will come with improved features. It is expected for the company to make such a release in 2014, having under consideration that the previous generation Apple TV dates back to 2012.

Sources revealed that Apple is in talks with Time Warner, the famous cable provider, which may sign a deal with the company to provide more improvements in content. Analysts claim that improving features and providing more to its clients actually is an important step that Apple has to take before the company can make the much expected release in the television industry.

Some analysts seem to be sure that Apple TV is the product with the biggest potential when it comes to development in 2014. So, the truth is that even though this device is often called a hobby, it actually is a decent set-top box which has managed to achieve quite a good performance on the market. This means that while numerous clients are interested in this device, many owners are extremely happy with the performance they obtain when using it.

If what 2014 will bring for the Apple TV remains uncertain, we should definitely expect to see something new from Apple.  

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Claims that Apple Television Set will not come this Year

Famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that even though most likely Apple will present a new update to its Apple TV in 2014, we should not expect to see the much rumored television set this year. According to Kuo, this release will most likely only come in 2015 or even 2016.

Since the moment when it has first been revealed that Apple may have some important plans when it comes to its Apple TV, numerous rumors occurred on the intentions that the famous company might have. Fans of Apple and Apple TV actually expect for the popular manufacturer to release an actual television set.

But, nothing from Apple seems to indicate that the company has in plans something more than to deliver certain updates to its Apple TV set-box.

Now, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo comes to make some new revelations on the future of Apple TV. Ming-Chi Kuo actually is quite famous for his numerous accurate predictions on the intentions and plans linked to releases and developments of Apple. 

Kuo claims that Apple will probably release a new update to its Apple TV in 2014. The analyst says that most likely this update will add the A7 processor to the device, but we should not expect more from the company.

Kuo explained that even though the manufacturer may release an Apple TV with A7 processor, the success and impact this decision is going to have on shipment and sales growth will probably not be that spectacular. Kuo says that sales growth will be limited if Apple will not provide more TV content and more services.

However, Kuo seems to be almost certain that Apple will not release an actual television set this year, despite the rumors indicating the contrary. The analyst claims that such a release should not be expected until 2015 or 2016. Establishing an iTV is not only an extremely complex release, but it will also be an important investment for the company.

On the other hand, some analysts seem to be quite certain that Apple will surprise and make this release much sooner. Many are confident that after all, 2014 is the year of the release of the iTV.  

New Apple TV 2 Untethered Jailbreak Released

Once again good news are revealed for owners of Apple TV 2. The Apple TV 5.3 untethered Jailbreak version for their devices has just been released and is ready for users to access it.

So, it looks like new efforts made by the jailbreak community have been able to reach new progress in releasing an untethered Apple TV 2 5.3 jailbreak. This is a new version of the Seas0nPass jailbreak for Apple TV, on 5.3 firmware. The new jailbreak possibility was revealed by FireCore. With this new jailbreak option users may enjoy a whole new experience on their device.

The jailbreak community releasing this new untethered jailbreak version has also been working at a new TV Flash, it has been revealed. So, it seems that the jailbreak will even bring a web browser on Apple TV, along with the updated version of a TV Flash. The TV Flash brings a series of new updates to Apple TV, so this might be an interesting addition.

However, it is important to know that the new untethered jailbreak is not compatible with Apple TV 6.0, which has been released during the fall. Apple TV 6.0 brought new features and access to some interesting apps, including AirPlay from iCloud and iTunes Radio. 

The jailbreak community is also working to break into the Apple TV 6.0 firmware and probably we should expect for a new untethered version to be out soon.

According to FireCore, a progress has already been made into this direction, but it remains unknown when the new jailbreak version will be available for users to access. FireCore also revealed that they hope to come with an update and more information on this subject really soon.

Even though Apple TV is commonly regarded to as a hobby device, the set-top box delivers quite a good performance. Moreover, jailbreaking allows owners of this product to access more of its features and enhance their performance. 

While unfortunately for Apple TV 3 owners an untethered jailbreak option has not been achieved, owners of Apple TV 2 can easily jailbreak their device. The third generation Apple TV still has not been cracked by the jailbreak community.